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Tracking Student Behavior

Studies show that schools that successfully implement positive behavioral intervention systems (PBIS) are proven to have significantly lower rates of bullying and

higher rates of academic success. The key word in the previous sentence is successfully.  As an instructional coach, I have worked with teachers to successfully use the Otus Student Performance System to help quantify positive outcomes of the PBIS framework. We have done this by collecting and analyzing data (using Otus) on the four basic criteria of PBIS.

1. Set clear expectations.

With Otus’ Recognition function you can customize the behaviors you would like to track for your class or school. Students are able to monitor their recognition and see their progress. Many schools use the three Rs (respectful, responsible and ready) approach and specify the behaviors within each category for example, “Be Ready: Bring All Needed Materials to Class”.

2. Teach Social Emotional standards.

Otus can be used as your warehouse for your social emotional curriculum whether it is a curriculum developed by you or purchased by your district. You can share materials and administer assessments through Otus. The assessment data for each student will be housed along with their recognition data.

3. Implement a rewards system.

Otus’ Recognition points also can be given as reward to students. Students will strive to achieve the goal behaviors to see their points rise.

4. Use data to inform decisions and track growth.

Otus allows you to have all of your data in one place. This allows for a comprehensive view of each student and helps to more accurately track growth.

The functionality that Otus provides for tracking student behavior is just one example of how you can implement a proactive, positive approach to achieving desirable student behavior. There are many ways to use the PBIS framework in your classroom or school that will work for your needs.

This post is an adaptation of a post that originally appeared on the Otus Features Blog.

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