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All services are available both virtually or onsite. We are available for keynotes, workshops, and/or continuous professional development services on the topics of student-driven differentiation, instructional coaching, the intersection between empathy and instruction, remote/virtual teaching and learning, and standards-based grading. 


Transform teaching and learning with student-driven differentiation. Educators commonly use the terms personalization, differentiation, and individualization, but struggle to implement these approaches successfully. This is due to a variety of perceived obstacles (standardized testing, initiative overload, today’s learning environment), fallacies about what differentiation is and is not, and overlooking the most powerful tool we have: student voice. Let’s demystify differentiation and harmonize learning in our classrooms with student-driven differentiation.


Shifting to standards-based reporting is a difficult change but one that is vital to our students’ success. This keynote presentation and workshop will inspire your staff to embrace their hesitations and offer participants tangible, applicable support to make the shift to standards-based learning successful for teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Topics covered include student-driven differentiation, goal-setting, feedback, student ownership of learning, flexible pacing, flexible grouping and more.


Every single action we take, from our conversations with students to planning and delivering instruction, signifies our level of empathy toward them as individuals. While many teachers believe they are empathetic to their students’ stories, their actions (while well-intended) often implicitly shame students further adding to the disconnection they feel. Educators’ primary role in today’s educational landscape is to ensure students feel safe and connected, in a consistently empathetic learning environment.


Participants will leave with a shared understanding of instructional coaching and gain insight into effective methods to partner with teachers in initial coaching relationships.


These are trying times for all of us. The pervasive school closures due to the COVID19 pandemic have left many teachers and administrators feeling fearful, anxious, and acutely missing their students and staff.

Educators are working tirelessly to adapt to teaching and learning remotely. Yet, they often report feeling exhausted and desiring additional strategies to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of their students and themselves.