• Lisa Westman

Student-Driven Differentiation

What is Student-Driven Differentiation?

Student-driven differentiation shifts the focus from what students are going to do to what students need to learn. The focus also shifts from the teacher as the owner of the knowledge and the students the receivers of such knowledge. Student-driven differentiation requires teachers to find a healthy balance in their relationships with all students, use multiple types of evidence to ensure student growth, and partner with students in the process.

  1. Shifts the focus from what students are going to do to what students need to learn

  2. Requires teachers to find common ground with all students

  3. Creates learning environments where students have control over their learning

  4. Gives students the autonomy to create, learn, and grow at their own pace

  5. Requires honest and mutually respectful teacher-student relationships

  6. Students’ voices (collective and individual) are sought to craft the plan

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